Zmiana w systemie rozgrywek Mistrzostw Europy

Poniżej wiadomość od EGF odnośnie tegorocznych mistrzostw w Liberec:

Dear EGF friends, We are happy to invite your strong players to register until June 15th for the 2015 European Championship ( individuals) that will be played during the EGC at Liberec.

This year, we will implement a new system ( cf. attachement - some small changes are still possible for the pairing criterions) with 24 players who will compete in parallel to the main tournament. Semi-finals and finals will be played during the second weekend. We assume that players below 2350 EGF rating have limited chance to be selected based on their max rating.

Their registration by email should be send back to me before June 15th. Final selection of the 24 players will be announced by end of June. Thanks to tranfer this invitation to your strong players.

With our best regards.

Jean-Yves Papazoglou


On behalf of the EGF Executive board


European individual Championship System -ECS (2015 onwards)

1.Selection of players:

* 24 top European players (passport of EGF member country required) will participate in the event. They can be either amateur or professional players.

The players qualify for participation in order of their best achieved EGF-ratings within last twelve months (16th of June of a previous year - 15th of June of a current year), as given in the EGF rating database by 15th of June, before the EGC.

Only players with a tournament-result in the last twelve months (16th of June of a previous year - 15th of June of a current year) documented in the EGD will be taken into account.

For 2015, the 24 players will be selected as follows:

a) Top 4 of last European Championship 2014
b) One wildcards for the organising EGC country, minimal EGF rating 2350
c) Two wildcards for the EGF to be decided by end of June, minimal EGF rating 2350 d) 17 players from the EGD (top rating 16th of June 2014 - 15th of June 2015)

From 2016 onwards:

a) Top 8 of previous European Championship
b) One wildcards for the organising EGC country, minimal EGF rating 2350
c) Two wildcards for the EGF to be decided by end of June, minimal EGF rating 2350
d) 13 players from EGD (top rating 16th of June, previous year - 15th of June, current year, at least one tournament in the EGD within the same period)

Unused wildcards increase the number of players from the EGD

2. Registration procedure:

Players who want to play the European Championship have to preregister for the EC latest till 15th of June before EC as part of their registration for the EGC.
21 EC participants will be selected from the preregistered players and based on the results of previous EGC in the second half of June.

The decision how to use the 3 wildcards will also be taken by the end of June.

End of June, EGF will publish the names of the 24 players qualified for the EC in an appropriate way.

All 24 players have to confirm on Friday or Saturday (1st day of the EGC) at the venue of the congress that they still want to play the EC. If not, next players on the list of eligible preregistered participants will replace them.

3. Organisation:

Championship modus:
* 4 preliminary rounds with Mac Mahon system.

* All 24 players start with the same Mac Mahon score. This start, Mac Mahon score, is the same like the top-bar Mac Mahon score of the EGC main-tournament.

* 3 rounds playoffs for the top 8 players after round 4, all games of the seven rounds are played under the same rules as in the EGC main Tournament with time limit 2.5 hours basic time + 1 minute Byo Yomi (3 times)

* In each preliminary round, the players are ordered according to :
1) number of wins, 2) entry EGF rating as of July 15th before the European Championship , 3) lottery

* The players with two lost games in the preliminary rounds leave immediately the European Championship and may continue playing in the EGC main tournament.

* In case of 5 players with two losses after round 4 of the preliminaries, the top player ( highest EGF rating by July 15th ) with two losses still qualifies for the playoffs while the 4 other players leave the European Championship.

* After round 4, the Top 8 players continue the European Championship as a knockout tournament: 1-8, 2-7, ... etc in the quarterfinals provided the opponents did not play each other in a previous round.

* There is no need to define 5th to 8th positions. Hence, the players may play the weekend tournament if they wish so. Only semifinals, the games for 3rd place and the final, are played over the weekend.

* All games excluding those played in the semifinals and finals count for the EGC main Tournament as well.


* Pairing of players in the preliminary rounds 2,3 and 4 with the same number of wins is done according to their ordering, folded system (the top player with the bottom player etc), in the 4th round the top player with 3 wins will play the bottom player with 2 wins.

* Rounds 5: pairing players who played already in round 1 to 4 shall be avoided

Championship Schedule:

- 5 rounds played during the main EGC tournament on the first week
- 2 extra rounds played on Saturday and Sunday (2nd week end) – semi-finals and